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Companies Act 2013

The conversion from Pvt Ltd to Public Limited is governed by Section 14 and Section 18 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Conversion Process

The conversion process involves filing certain documents with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) and obtaining their approval

New Entity

The conversion will result in the creation of a new entity with a new name, PAN and TAN number, and a new certificate of incorporation.

Benefits to convert Pvt. Ltd. Company into Public Limited

Funding and investment opportunities

Public Limited Companies have access to a wider range of funding and investment opportunities, such as equity funding, venture capital, and public offerings, which can help the business raise capital for growth and expansion.

Improved brand recognition and image

Converting a Private Limited Company into a Public Limited Company can improve the company's brand recognition and image, making it more attractive to customers, investors, and partners.

Access to capital markets and liquidity

Public Limited Companies can list their shares on stock exchanges, which provides greater access to capital markets and liquidity, making it easier for shareholders to buy and sell their shares.

Potential for growth and expansion

Public Limited Companies have greater potential for growth and expansion, as they can raise more capital, take on debt, and invest in new opportunities.

Documents required

Identity proof

Address proof

NOC certificate

Rent agreement

Digital signature certificate

MoA / AoA


Online/Offline process

The business owner can get the DSC from the nearby authorities or CAs. It is used to e-sign documents and is necessary to initiate the process. 

Check whether the correct name has been typed on the MCA portal. 


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Yes, a Pvt. Ltd. Company can be converted into a Public Limited Company by following the legal procedures and obtaining the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.

The requirements for conversion may vary depending on the jurisdiction and applicable laws. Generally, it involves obtaining shareholder approval, altering the company's memorandum and articles of association, and filing the necessary forms and documents with the regulatory authorities.

The advantages include increased access to capital through public offerings, enhanced credibility and market presence, broader investor base, and potential for growth and expansion opportunities.

Certain jurisdictions may have specific restrictions or conditions for conversion, such as minimum capital requirements, compliance with securities regulations, and obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies. It is important to comply with the applicable laws and regulations governing such conversions.

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