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    A pitch deck is a presentation that provides an informative overview about the business using colourful graphics, animated videos, sequences of stills and business jargon.

    Is concise

    Pitch deck video is concise and provides an overview of the organisation in a nutshell. Besides, highlighting the services, it provides intricate company information that is useful for the users.

    Different sections

    It encompasses things such as a company's mission, vision, market size, business opportunities, evidence and USPs of the product or service.

    Sparks the interest of investors

    A pitch deck video draws the attention of the investors, helps schedule meetings to discuss business objectives and generate revenue.

    Benefits of Startup India Scheme

    Promotes company branding

    A pitch deck can be used to market the business and create an awareness about the brands or products it offers.

    Conveys a powerful message

    It has a tagline, uses phrases and one-liners to convey messages to the audience.

    Reduces competition

    A well-designed pitch deck helps business leaders to devise ways to be ahead of their game and optimize the firm’s objectives.

    Increases the clientele

    A pitch deck allows firms to cater to a diverse clientele by strategizing things and developing a unique approach.

    Documents Required


    PAN Card

    Constitutional documents

    List of Directors, DP's and Members

    Social link

    Fund related

    IPR Registration

    Annual Statements/ITR

    Pitch deck creation process

    Set up the document and choose the visual style

    Write the important sections using a simple language

    Make use of aesthetic techniques to draw the customer’s attention.

    Creating a pitch deck for your business

    Planning and Content Development

    Design and Visual Presentation

    Iteration and Feedback

    Our Clients

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    It should be around 10-20 slides.

     It must consist of solutions to the business problems, talks about technology, customer acquisition value, catalogue of services and financial goals.

    This depends on the amount of work that goes into creating it.

     A pitch deck provides a snapshot of the company policies, business objectives, area of work, services and necessary information  to the customers.  

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