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Special status

An NBFC is a company that is involved in the receiving deposits and loans, acquiring the stocks and securities issued by the government.

Registered by the RBI

RBI has formulated some laws and kept the functioning of the NBFC under control to ensure that things run smoothly. NBFC cannot operate without the approval from the RBI.

Prioritizes non-banking institutions

An NBFC is a company that is involved in the receiving deposits and loans, acquiring the stocks and securities issued by the government.

Banking licence isnt required

An NBFC provides financial services to the people and functions as a bank.

Why Should You Register a NBFC?

Shareholders with special rights/ duties

Upon registering as an NBFC, business owners can manage their capital and contribute to the company’s resources. Safeguarding the organisation’s assets, managing losses and preventing debts are some of the important activities conducted by these firms.

Agencies raise funds

A NBFC has a stream of employees who supervise the loans issued by the banks. By acquiring ownership rights and adhering to liability protection measures, organisations can tip the scale in their favour.

Strong legal presence

The organisation can exist solely and sign contracts, blacklist third-party sources or use the assets as per its will.

Ease in Raising Funds

Being a highly compliant structure, banks prefer to issue loans to Companies and LLPs. Pvt Ltd Company offers key advantages like the ease in ownership transfer and limited liability protection for owners.

Documents Required

PAN and Aadhaar Card

Identity Proof

Proof of Address

Offline Process

Offline registration

  • During the first two days, a committee of experts reviews the documents and scrutinises necessary information. 

    You might have to apply for a digital signature certificate to ensure that things are under control.

  • After this, the renowned issuing authorities check the names at the MCA and IP India portals. 
  • Upon approval, the companies apply for a name reservation to allow the MOA and AOA drafting processes to begin.
  • When these steps are complete, the firms appoint a set of employees to carry out the form filing process to receive the certificate of incorporation. 
  • They fill out the forms about the DIN allotment, PAN and TAN by entering the necessary details. 

Offline Process

Quickest Way to Register a Company

  • The company officials have to provide their responses on several questions,  select a suitable package, fill the survey, provide the necessary documents and facilitate online payment to initiate the process.
  • Upon seeking the advice of a relationship manager, a panel of experts drafts and files the documents.
  • It takes 10 to 12 days for the process to get approved and managers receive an assessment call wherein the NBFCexperts walk them through the process.

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Yes, these home loans are categorised under the lending rate framework.

No, it is not an NBFC as an insurance company takes cash from a financial advisor to provide premium protection.

 NBFC represents banks whereas MFI consists of small-scale establishments and caters to people who live on a shoe-string budget. 

Yes, NBFCs provide loans, credit facilities, currency exchange services and conduct merger activities.