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Legal Dimension

LLP Object Change involves modifying the objects or activities mentioned in the LLP's original agreement.


LLP Object Change must comply with the provisions outlined in the LLP Act, 2008.

Concerned Authority

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is the concerned authority for LLP Object Change in India.

Why change LLP object?

Business Expansion

The existing objects of the LLP may no longer align with the current business goals and strategies. Changing the LLP object allows the LLP to engage in new activities and sectors.


The LLP may wish to diversify its business operations by adding new products, services, or ventures. Changing the LLP object enables the LLP to undertake new business activities.

Regulatory Compliance

In some cases, the LLP may need to align its objects with regulatory requirements or changes in legislation. Changing the LLP object ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Rebranding or Repositioning

The LLP may undergo a rebranding or repositioning exercise to better reflect its brand identity, target market, or value proposition. Changing the LLP object helps to realign the business focus with the new brand positioning.

Documents Required

Digital Signature

Form 3 and 4


Business/Identity proofs


Company details

LLP Agreement

Partnership deed


Process for LLP registered office change

Visit the LLP website

Fill the forms

Enter the necessary information

Submit the documents

Sign the agreement

Wait for the nod of approval

online registration

Complete the process in 3 Easy Steps

Typically, the stage of answering quick questions regarding the LLP object change can be completed within a few days to a week. This involves addressing basic queries and providing general information about the process, such as the requirements, procedures, and documentation needed for changing the object clause of an LLP.

Once the quick questions are answered, the next step involves providing assistance and guidance to the LLP seeking an object change. This stage can take several weeks to a few months, depending on various factors. It may involve activities such as reviewing the existing LLP agreement, preparing necessary resolutions, obtaining approvals from partners or authorities, and completing any required documentation for the object change.

The completion of the entire process for changing the object clause of an LLP can take several months or longer. The timeline can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the case, response time from regulatory authorities, any additional requirements or approvals needed, and the efficiency of the relevant processes. It typically involves filing the necessary forms and documents with the Registrar of Companies and waiting for the approval of the revised LLP agreement reflecting the object change.

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LLP Object Change refers to the process of modifying the existing objects or activities mentioned in the LLP Agreement. It allows the LLP to engage in new business activities or modify its existing business focus.

Yes, any LLP can change its objects by following the prescribed legal procedures and obtaining the necessary approvals.

No, it is not mandatory to change the LLP objects. However, if the LLP wishes to undertake new business activities or modify its existing objects, it is necessary to update the LLP Agreement accordingly.

The procedure for changing LLP objects involves obtaining the approval of partners, drafting a resolution for object change, amending the LLP Agreement, and filing the necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies.

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