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Nullifies tax registration

GST cancellation means that the taxpayer is not a registered GST person anymore.

Govering law

It is mentioned under the Section 29 of the CGST laws.

Fixed threshold limit

The threshold limit for GST is 40 lakh.

Benefits of GST Cancellation

Eradicates corruption

According to the GST cancellation laws, fraudulent businesses have ceased to exist and unscrupulous methods of maximising revenue have been stopped.


GST cancellation provides businesses with the flexibility to restructure their operations or change their business model without the burden of GST obligations. This enables them to adapt to changing market conditions and business strategies more effectively.

Legal Compliance

Cancelling GST registration ensures that businesses comply with the legal requirements when they are no longer liable to collect and remit GST. It helps avoid potential penalties or legal issues associated with non-compliance.

Cost Savings

By cancelling GST registration, businesses can save costs associated with maintaining GST compliance, such as professional fees for filing returns, audit fees, and other compliance-related expenses.

Documents Required

Digital Signature


Log-in credentials

Details of Supplies


GST Cancellation Process


Approach the tax office, receive a show-cause notice by filling the GST-REG 17 form

Provide the reason for the GST cancellation to the authorities

Be notified about the process upon receiving an issuing order from the GST REG20 form

Quick steps

How to apply for GST cancellation in 3 steps

Prepare the necessary documents and information for GST cancellation.

Submit the cancellation application through the GST portal.

Await approval from the GST authorities for the cancellation request.

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It is required when the business turnover is less, company is dismissed and there is a change in the constitution of the firm. 


It says that if a person fails to file an annual return for three months after 30th April of a particular year, then the GST registration can get cancelled.

Businesses that have the GST registrations cancelled before 31st December, 2022 due to non-filing of tax returns can apply for revocation.

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