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    Charitable cause

    Fundraising is a process of asking for gifts, contributions, concessions from individuals, companies and foundations in order to uplift the society.

    Four categories

    It is divided into four categories such as capital investment, crowdfunding, bid writing, large donations, legacies and donor list.

    Company welfare

    Optimizing capacity, having a great commitment and fostering useful connections are necessary to raise funds.

    Benefits of Fund raising

    Builds teams

    Fund-raising projects bring people together so that they can contribute to the company’s success.

    Promotes firms

    It is good for creating awareness among people, acquiring a good brand image and having a reputed stature across international markets.

    Provides new opportunities

    Fund-rasing activities can provide companies with a great impetus to interact with teenagers, old people, men and women of different ages.

    Strengthens the economy

    Fundraising is a way to balance the economy, upgrade the society and it acts as an ethnic cleansing mechanism to draw people.

    Documents Required

    Financial model and projections report

    Reference lists

    Equity distribution documents

    Segment wise expenses

    Research and development costs

    Details of members

    Registration Process

    Submit the jurisdiction’s specific form

    Pay the registration fees

    Provide necessary documents such as PAN/Aadhaar card and business address proof

    Submit IRS determination letter and Form 990

    Fund Rising steps

    Research and Preparation

    Crafting the Pitch Deck

    Pitching and Fundraising

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    More Questions? Seek Help of an Expert

    You can ask for donations on the phone, send emails, write letters and discuss the matter with the respective parties in person. 

    The 501(c)3 status must be approved by the IRS. 

    It is a fund-raising campaign that a non-profit organization carries out and has a list of promotional or marketing materials to initiate the process. 

    The organization must  abide by the AFP, CASE and Partnership for philanthropic model planning protocols to ensure code of conduct.