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Filingsfirst simplify the interstate/intrastate transport by adopting e-Way bill system

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Electronic Document

E-Way Bill is an electronic document, generated online on portal deployed by the Central Government to support the movement of goods.


Merely like way bill in erstwhile VAT and CST system, e-way bill system ensures that the bill is submitted for transportation of goods.


Under the GST regime, the way bill system is made electronic and centralised. The online centralised system makes the transportation easy for the businesses.

Benefits of e-Way Bill

Less Documentation

The online way bill generation ensures that the documentation is reduced. Instead of state wise documents, only one bill is generated for inter-state/intrastate movement. The physical documents submission is replaced by the electronic documents.

Faster and Efficient Transportation

The transportation will be efficient in the form of cost and the time as well. The transporters do not require to pass from verification at every check post. This is aimed towards shrinking the transportation time.

Documents Required


Supplier is required to provide the sale bill

Transport by road

Transporter ID or Vehicle number

Transport by rail, air, or ship

Transporter ID, Transport document number, and date on the document


Process of Generating e-Way Bill

Consultancy for requirement of E-way Bill

Collection of basic Information & documents and details

Preparation of e-way bill application

Filing and generation of e-Way Bill

ONLINE registration

File and generate e-way bill in 3 Easy Steps

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to fill in our Questionnaire
  • Provide basic details & documents required
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways


  • Assigning Relationship Manager
  • Collection of required documents & details
  • Preparing for e-way bill application
  • Filing and generation of e-Way Bill
  • All it takes is 30 minutes*

If an e-way bill is not generated when it is required, the person responsible for the movement of goods can face penalties under the GST Act.

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An e way bill must be created by the party in charge of the movement of the goods, such as the supplier or the transporter

How far the goods are being transported determines how long an e-way bill is valid. The e-way bill is good for one day on trips up to 100 km. The validity is extended by one day for every 100 kilometres (or fraction thereof) for distances between 100 and 3000 kilometres. The e-way bill is only valid for trips longer than 3000 kilometres (15 days).

cancellation of an e-way bill is possible within 24 hours of its generation.

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