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Companies Act, 2013

It being an entity regulated by law, it has to follow a specific process provided by the Companies Act, 2013.


Fresh Certificate of Incorporation will be issued by RoC in new name after updating the Register of Companies.


The company name change does not impact the existence of the company, which leaves all the assets and liabilities unaffected.

Benefits of Change of Name of Company

Brand Identity

Changing the name of a company can help reposition its brand, create a fresh image, and enhance market appeal.

Competitive Advantage

A new name can differentiate the company from competitors, attract attention, and generate interest in the market.

Business Expansion

A name change can support business expansion initiatives, such as entering new markets, attracting new customers, and pursuing strategic partnerships.

Improved Perception

A well-thought-out name change can improve the perception of the company among stakeholders, investors, customers, and the public.

Documents required

MoA & AoA

Digital Signature Certificate


PAN Card


Change company name in 3 Easy Steps

  • Fill in our questionnaires that take less than 10 minutes
  • Provide basic details & documents required for registration
  • Make payment through secured payment gateways
  • Assigned Relationship Manager
  • Drafting of new object clause of MoA
  • Preparation of other necessary documents
  • Preparation and filing of Application


Process of change in object clause

  • Collection of basic Information & documents
  • Conducting Board Meeting and passing a resolution
  • Checking company name availability
  • Reservation of name through “RUN”
  • Conducting meeting of members and passing a resolution
  • Preparation of documents relating to the application of change
  • Provide documents prepared after signature
  • Preparation and filing application with MCA

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Companies may consider changing their name for various reasons, such as rebranding efforts, market positioning, resolving trademark conflicts, or reflecting a change in business focus or ownership.

The time required to change the name of a company can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specific requirements. It typically involves filing the necessary documents with the relevant authorities, obtaining approvals, and updating legal and business records. The process can take several weeks to a few months.

Yes, there are legal implications and requirements for changing a company's name. It involves complying with the applicable laws, regulations, and procedures of the jurisdiction where the company is registered. This may include obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies, updating legal documents, notifying stakeholders, and updating contracts and agreements.

When a company changes its name, it may need to update its existing contracts, licenses, permits, and other legal documents to reflect the new name. This usually involves notifying the relevant parties, requesting amendments or reissuing documents with the updated name, and ensuring compliance with contractual obligations. appropriate, he may ask for the adoption of new set of Memorandum and Articles in line with
Companies Act, 2013.

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