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    Rules For Picking Your Company Name

    Unique Component

    In Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd, Flipkart is the unique component. Now, once taken, the Flipkart name suffix will not be given to any other business on the Internet or even

    within the respective categories (for example, e-commerce and online solutions). But there is also some subjectivity. Some ROCs may not even approve the name of Flipkart Chemicals Pvt Ltd, arguing that the e-commerce brand Flipkart is very famous. Names that sound similar will also be rejected (so no flipkart).


    Abbreviations, adjectives and common words are rejected. So BBC or XYZ will be rejected as good quality biscuits. The words bank, exchange and

    stock exchange, unless approved by RBI or SEBI, shall also be disallowed.

    No Common Trademark

    There should not be a registered trademark by the same name on the HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"

    IP India website. If there is one, the name can only be approved if you are able to get a No-Objection Certificate from its owner authorising you to use it.

    Descriptive Component

    In Biocon Research Pvt Ltd, the word 'Research' describes the business in which the company is engaged.

    If you are in, say, logistics or the restaurant business, you cannot have 'research' in your name.